Bring Your Wedding Decor Vision To Life!

Take The Decorating Vision From Inside Your Head & Heart...

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Learn How To Design & Decorate Your Own Wedding Decor Masterpiece
(With My EASY Step-By Step Blueprint)
You Can (Cheat) and Use One Of My Professional Design Templates.

Either way..
I'll help you LOOK like a decorating SUPERSTAR
and SAVE you a FORTUNE while decorating your wedding.

Mallory Anderson Went From Frazzled To DAZZLED
Watch The Video To See What She Created Using "The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprintâ„¢"

There Has Never Been a Better Time To Be A DIY Bride...

Decorating Your Wedding Is EASY & AFFORDABLE…
When You Have Access To A "Professional Wedding Decorators
Step-By-Step Blueprint“

Mallory Didn't Have To Guess At A Single Thing!
Each & Every Step From Start To Finish Was Clearly Laid Out
The Blueprint Showed Her What To Do (and Not Do!)

Here is Mallory's testimonial: The Wedding Blue Print is the best thing any bride could use if they are wanting to do their own decorating! The blue print makes everything run smoothly. The tips and tricks to the little black book I really don't know how I could have done my decorating without it. I love how it walks your through every step of the décor process and helps you make decisions and provides insider tip on things I would never have known. My favorite part of the Blue Print are the tutorials, the videos helped me create pieces for my wedding that I didn't think I could have ever done. The Blue Print has made the décor part of my wedding such an ease that I am done ordering, buying and packing things up almost three whole months before my wedding, now I have time to focus on other parts of the wedding and not have to worry at all about the décor until the week of my wedding. Seriously, the Wedding Blue Print is amazing!!!


$297 Regular Price

$147 Limited Time Offer


There's a Wedding Decorating Blueprint That Takes Out The Overwhelm.

DIY Brides won't have to guess, stress, struggle or overpay for amateur looking wedding decor anymore. Say goodbye to difficult & hello to EASY!

With a Professional Decorating Blueprint to follow:

You'll Get Immediate Access:
To The Same 5 Steps Professional Wedding Decorators Use To Transform Ordinary Banquet Rooms Into Breathtaking Ballrooms.

You'll get immediate 24/7 access to an online platform of expert resources & guidance showing you step-by-step (from start to finish) how to create your own personal Wedding Decor Masterpiece!

You'll BREEZE through decorating your wedding faster, easier & for a fraction of the cost!


You Deserve Your Fairy Tale Wedding!

You Deserve...

The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

Decorating Superstar Edition

Decorating Your Wedding Has Never Been This Easy!
Create Your Own Design (With My Guidance) or, Use One Of My Decorating Templates.
Take All Confusion, Doubt & Expense Out Of Decorating Your Wedding.
Creating a Beautiful DIY Wedding Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable.

DIY Bride Mallory & Her Mom Were Frazzled With All The Decorating Choices & Decisions They Had To Make.

They were feeling overwhelmed and unsure if they were building a masterpiece or a DIY disaster.

Mallory and her mom reached the end of their wedding planning rope. A simple Saturday afternoon shopping trip to Hobby Lobby tipped the emotional scales for these two.

Like a lot of brides and moms, they had a complete “wedding planning melt-down.”

Mallory wanted one thing and her mom wanted another.

Thankfully they found a resource that solved their differences and gave them the support they needed.

They didn’t toss in the towel and hire a decorator.

Instead- they found The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

“My daughter and I were at a standstill not knowing what to do next. Once we found Kim’s wedding decorating course, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. We now have the know-how to decorate Mallory’s wedding with confidence. We feel excited, instead of confused like before. This course has brought us a huge sense of relief. Thank you Kim!”

~ Mona Kay McCleary

The Ultimate Online Decorating Guide for DIY Brides.

In only a few short hours at the comfort of your computer
You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to confidently create a wedding decor look you’ll absolutely LOVE!
(without any guessing, stressing or overpaying!)

All Your Questions (and MORE) Get Answered...

  • Where should I start?
  • What do I need?
  • Where can I get the best deals on my decor?
  • How can i decorate without spending much  money?
  • What is the secret to creating a magical setting?
  • What things should I buy and what should I rent?
  • What questions are crucial to ask my venue?
  • How long will it take my team for setup/tear down?
  • What do I need inside my decorating toolkit?
  • What options do i have for a backdrop? Can I make one myself?
  • How wide/tall should my backdrop be? How do I hang it?
  • What type of skirting looks amazing and is the easiest to use?
  • What kind of lighting looks incredible? How many lights will I need in the room?
  • Where should I put them? Where's the best place to get them?
  • How can I be sure my decor gets set up properly by my team?
  • What type of table configurations work best and why?
  • What type of wedding decor sells the fastest for resale afterwards?
  • Where can I find affordable helpers to set up/tear down my decor if I don't want to ask my family and friends?

That's just a SMALL SNIPPET of what you'll discover

My mom and I were at odds feeling uncertain about how we should decorate my wedding.

I’ve never decorated a wedding before and I was overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions I needed to make.

Thank goodness I found the Blueprint..

Once I learned the right way to decorate, I cringed at all the mistakes I was making.
I was definitely headed for a decorating disaster.

I'm so grateful I found this.

I didn’t realize how little I knew about decorating until I went through each step.

DIY Bride, Mallory Anderson.

I cheated a little and used one of Kim's backdrop templates! There were so many beautiful designs to choose from. It was hard to choose. With so many pictures it helped me visualize the look I wanted. In the end I created a wedding design I loved and felt incredibly proud of..

My mom and I both agreed we saved a fortune of money and our time using this.
We would have gladly paid double to get our hands on this!

Thank you!

~ Mallory Anderson

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm Kim Caswell,

The Wedding Decor Mentor.

Helping brides claim their creativity excites me. I believe bride is creative and can do this!

For over 10 years…
I’ve been professionally designing and decorating beautiful and elaborate wedding decor for brides.

My SECRET... is showing brides how to make a wedding look and feel absolutely magical- with the least amount of money and effort.

And that's what this program is all about...

Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day!

I'm thrilled I can play an important role in helping brides experience that magical moment.

Hugs, Kim Caswell xoxo

Creating A Breathtaking Wedding Requires "Not Guessing."

(And that’s what most DIY brides do)
& that's why most DIY weddings look DIY.

You'll Learn Where Most Brides Go Off Course
& Make The Most Common & Costly Decorating Mistakes...
More Importantly, You'll Learn How To Avoid Doing That.

I'll Share ALL My Decorating Secrets With You.

With My Easy To Follow Step By Step Blueprint...
You'll speed through your decor in a fraction of the time
and for a fraction of the cost.

Not To Mention...You'll Create A Breathtaking Outcome!

With A Decorating Blueprint To Follow…
You can't mess it up!

The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™ leads you by the hand taking you through each step of planning, choosing your venue, designing, creating and delegating a wedding decor masterpiece.

You get to be the Decorating SUPERSTAR.

Instead of a decorator getting all the credit, applause and praise for the beauty in the room, you will! Get ready for the standing ovation. You’ll be shocked at how creative you really are!

You can avoid all the costly decorating mistakes brides commonly make!

Here's What To Expect...

24/7 online access to DIY expert Kim Caswell's, Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™ Step-by-step instructions, beautiful decorating visuals, how to videos, wholesale shopping list and (19) incredible resources that will make you look like a decorating superstar.

Now...Every bride can afford her dream wedding!

Big Dreams – Little Budget – No Decorating Experience

No Problem!

(It’s easy when you have the professional know how!)



Your Wedding Decor Is Your Wedding!

How your wedding LOOKS sends an important message to your guests.

Don't stop short of the FINISH LINE.

It doesn't matter how much you spent on your wedding. If your guest can't SEE it in the room...They won't believe you did.

Take your wedding ACROSS the FINISH LINE...


The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

(The 5-Step Formula For Decorating Your Wedding Like a Professional)



Start Out Like a Professional!

A solid decor plan is what will SAVE you from making expensive decorating mistakes and help you land on your dream destination. This magic formula is the foundation of every professionally designed wedding. I'll lead you through the 4 key questions you need to answer before you take a single step forward. If you miss any of these questions, you'll risk overpaying for a disappointing outcome.

Defining a solid decor plan is the 1st step in making a wedding decor masterpiece.




Choose Your Perfect Venue

Not every venue is created equal. Knowing how to choose a decor friendly venue is the key! I’ll help you know what questions to ask your venue and see any limitations and blind spots before it's too late. And if you’ve already chosen your venue- Find out what the potential problems are before your team shows up to decorate.

Choosing a decor friendly venue will save you from any last minute surprises.




Designing Your Masterpiece

This is where your wedding vision will begin to come to life. You'll get to see all your decorating options; BACKDROPS, LIGHTING, LINENS, and CENTERPIECES. You'll learn how to design your own wedding decor masterpiece from scratch. I won’t just tell you what makes a wedding look breathtaking…I’ll SHOW you! You'll see what every single element looks like- so you can envision it first, before you create it.

Designing a look that you'll love requires you to SEE all your decorating options first.




Create Wedding Decor The Easy Way!

There’s an easy way and a hard way to decorate your wedding. This is where you'll learn the PROFESSIONAL & EASY way! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at what the best decorating supplies are and also where you can purchase them. You won't have to guess at how a wedding decorator brings a project idea to life- you'll get a breakdown of all the secret supplies to make creating your wedding decor a breeze!

Creating beautiful wedding decor is easy when you know "A Decorators Secrets".




Bring Your Masterpiece To Life.

Setting up & tearing down your wedding decor can be a nightmare if your team doesn't know what their doing.That's why I've created a detailed breakdown of how to organize and instruct your decorating team to victory. I'll show you how to pick the perfect team leader and helpers and how to delegate each decorating task. Just personalize my templates and hit PRINT! Hand over the instructions to your décor leader and voila! Your masterpiece will come to life as you envisioned it!

With proper delegation & instructions your decor set up will go smooth & seamless.

Define - Choose - Design - Create - Delegate

The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

Take a huge burden off your plate.
Get the fastest, easiest and most affordable path to
decorating your wedding.

What if you have no clue what you want?

No Worries!
That’s why I created (6) decorating templates.

If you need an idea or inspiration for a beautiful design…
I have your back!


For a Limited Time
Get ALL My
(Decorating Templates Included for FREE!)
When You Purchase The Blueprint.

These decorating templates are GOLDEN!
These are the CHEAT SHEETS to creating a FULLY coordinated wedding decor masterpiece!

You can COPY a template exactly as is, or you can use it as a guideline to help you create your own design.

(Take your time choosing the collection you like most.
You'll have a chance to preview ALL the collections after your purchase- upon login.)

Step By Step-
DIY Instructions

1) Choose Your Collection
2) Download the Template
3) Watch the Video or Photo Instructions
4) Buy your Supplies
5) Start Creating!

My Little Black Book of Wholesalers

You'll be able to afford so much more by shopping for your decor where the PRO'S shop...WHOLESALE!

That's why I’m giving you my personal & confidential Wholesale List!

This Wholesale List took OVER 10 YEARS of purchasing (trial and error) to narrow down the BEST of the BEST wholesalers in the country!

Sharing this is UNHEARD of in my industry.
No decorator in her right mind reveals her wholesale sources. But I'm doing it because every bride DESERVES to have her DREAM WEDDING!

When you aren't paying ridiculous high retail prices-  You can!

You're Going To FREAK!
When You SEE the AMAZING Prices & Beautiful Things
That These Wholesalers Carry!

You Get The Following Resources…

Diagrams, Checklists, Instructions, Templates
(Everything you need in one convenient place!)

My Dream Wedding Decor Wish List
Perimeter Lighting Diagram
Table Linen Sizing Chart
Table Skirting Size Chart
Chair Cover Sizing Guide
Head table/Backdrop Configuration
Finding Center Point of your Backdrop
Backdrop Set-Up Link
Table Decor Template
Decorating Team Email Templates

Decor Plan
Hire Your Team Confirmation
Dream Team Leader Instructions
Head Table/Backdrop Instructions
Cake/Guest Book/Candy Bar Instructions
Table Top Diagram Template
Decor Transport Checklist
Decorating Toolkit Supply List
Tear Down Toolkit Supply List













BONUS #1 - The Ultimate Resale/Rental Decor Guide.

Find out what kind of decor sells the best and how to present it for sale in it’s finest light and get a bigger chunk of your décorating investment back!

Once you wedding is over- you’ll be able to CASH IN on your investment! Your decor can be resold or rented to another lucky bride! 

And…That means MONEY BACK in YOUR pocket! 

In this guide, I give you “21 Resale & Rental Tips” to help you BUY and SELL your décor to get MORE PROFITS in your pocket.

Learn which styles of decor, items and colors of wedding décor sell the BEST. How to price and present your décor for sale. And also how to negotiate with other brides, so it’s a WIN/WIN for everyone!

BONUS #2 - The VDC (Venue Décor Checklist)

IS YOUR VENUE DECOR FRIENDLY or NOT? You'll be surprised at the blind spots most brides overlook. This checklist is an easy way to discover any potential problems in a venue that can impact your wedding decor. 

The VDC (Venue Decor Checklist) asks 50+ questions that most brides wouldn’t think to ask. If you know the right questions to ask your venue, then you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later. Find out the potential obstacles upfront to achieving the decorating look you want. UPFRONT.

And if you’ve ALREADY CHOSEN your venue, this checklist still APPLIES to you! Go back to your venue with the VDC and go through the checklist. Don’t wait for a surprise on your wedding day. 

Find out NOW if your venue meets the mark!


Unlock The Secret Vault NOW…


  • The 5 Step Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™
  • ACCESS To (1) Decorating Template
  • My Personal “Little Black Book of Wholesalers”
  • (19) Valuable Decorating Resources:

Head Table Sizing Chart, Chair Cover Guide, Lighting Diagrams, Set Up Instructions, plus 15 more!!


ACT NOW and You’ll ALSO Receive …

  • The Ultimate Resale/Rental Decor Guide
  • The VDC (Venue Décor Checklist)

My 100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Hi there!

It’s me, Kim.

I want you to know that I understand all the pressure on a bride. You have a lot on your plate, both emotionally and financially. I completely get it that you need to make every penny count.

And really- That’s WHY I created the Blueprint. To help save you money while you rock your wedding decor..

If you have any doubt if this is for you, just ask yourself?

“What would it COST for me to guess at how to do this? To wonder what you should buy or rent? Not know the best places to save money? And to be unsure how everything is going to look when you put it all together?

Unfortunately you won't know the answer to this question until the day of your wedding.

Fortunately, you don't have to gamble and cross your fingers.

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if you knew now that you were doing everything right?

Well, I’m confident that the Blueprint will make you look like a decorating SUPERSTAR -
I’m giving you my “I Love This Blueprint” Guarantee.

I guarantee that you'll absolutely love all the amazing resources you’re getting –(The 5 step Blueprint, A Decorating Template, 19 Resources, My Little Black Book of Wholesalers, and Bonuses). If not, then feel free to ask for my 30 Day hassle-free 100% refund. No Questions Asked!

You Have My “I Love This Blueprint” Guarantee.

You have NOTHING to lose & absolutely EVERYTHING to GAIN!

So...What are you waiting for?
Let’s get you started and bring your dream wedding decor to life!

Big hugs,

Kim Caswell, xoxo


The Dream Wedding Décor Blueprint™
"Decorating SUPERSTAR Edition"

$297 Regular Price


Limited Time Offer

No Risk, 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 Day 100%
Money Back Guarantee


Create DIY Wedding Decor Like a Pro! Decorate your wedding yourself (for less) and look like you hired a PROFESSIONAL wedding decorator.

Learn the top decorating secrets from the expert, Kim Caswell, You don't have to spend a fortune on your wedding decor to look like you did!

Use The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™ to create a wedding decor masterpiece you'll be proud of!


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